Happy Monday, friends. Despite almost being because of especially bad traffic, I'm having a pretty good day thanks to work. I have a lot of really fun headlines for you this morning, so set aside some time for this one.

In case you somehow haven't watched it yet, the trailer for Doctor Who's anniversary special is here:

One of my heroes, Carol Burnett, accepted the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

Here's an essay in defense of Dana on Homeland. PLUS: a writer suggests that Homeland is good again and another says everything makes sense now.

Everyone should check out Matt Zoller Seitz's video essay about Rushmore. It's fantastic.

Read a short essay on white masculinity in science fiction TV shows.

Next weekend I think I might play this Walking Dead bingo game while I watch the new episode.

The companion show to The Walking Dead will exist in its own universe.

Looks like Netflix will soon have more subscribers than HBO.

Illustrators recreated Maurice Sendak's works in the style of other artists and the results are pretty great.

Episodes of The Voice and a Saturday Night Live Halloween special will preempt the next three episodes of Parks and Rec (meaning you'll have to wait a little longer to catch Tatiana Maslany's second episode).

A lot of people are talking about this anti-Morrissey piece.

Vince Gilligan addressed some of the Breaking Bad theories.

Yikes, The Fifth Estate (starring Benedict Cumberbatchdid terrible at the box office.

There was a mini Friday Night Lights reunion over the weekend.

Speaking of runions, the cast of Frasier was back together talking about memories from the show.

The cast of Boy Meets World also got together for Entertainment Weekly's reunion issue.

I don't normally post this kind of stuff, but Neil Patrick Harris' family is becoming my favorite part of Halloween.

Watch four minutes of filming from the Batman vs. Superman shoot on Saturday.

Fans of young-adult novels should take this quiz to find out how well they know the genre.

Lifetime has saved Betty White's Off Their Rockers from cancellation.

"If Apps were Pokemon"

And for fun, watch Ohio State's marching bad play a tribute to Michael Jackson:

Now you have enough pop culture news to think about while in traffic.