Pre-production has begun on one of Marvel's next movies, Ant-Man (and it's being directed by Edgar Wright, ICYMI).

Speaking of Marvel, they're holding a contest for women interested in STEM research.

Marvel's Agents of Shield had a pretty big cameo in this week's episode. The actor talks about how he wanted to make that happen (and also adds that Elizabeth Olsen will be in Avengers: Age of Ultron).

Wilfred's fourth and final season will air on FXX.

Orange is the New Black creator, Jenji Kohan, calls the show a "streaming show" rather than a TV Show.

Warren Ellis wrote about the Breaking Bad finale for Vulture. PLUS: Here's a look at how the Breaking Bad finale was filmed.

Earlier this week I mentioned The Simpsons were gearing up to kill of a major character. Here's a list of 16 characters that have already died on the show.

I know a lot of you will enjoy these pictures from the set of Game of Thrones.

Nick Offerman has a new book out, so the New York Times has a pretty good interview with the Parks and Rec star.

The West Wing dealt with a government shutdown during it's six seasons, and the episode feels familiar to what's actually happening this week.

Veep also had a "government shutdown" episode in season two.

Lucky 7 could be the first new show cancelled this season.

I loved this piece about why TV theme songs are more important than ever right now (because of binge watching).

You can listen to the new Sleigh Bells album, which is streaming on The Rolling Stones' site.

Banksy has joined Twitter.

Super Fun Night is trying to be a hangout comedy and it might not work. PLUS: I want Rebel Wilson to have a succesful TV show, but Super Fun Night is not that show.

SNL fans will enjoy this new book, Saturday Night Live & American TV, which looks at the show academically.

A woman writes about an unflattering picture of her going viral, and I think everyone should read it.

And for fun, watch Nerdist visit Lebowski Fest: