Here's the full list of Grammy nominations.

What are the 30 best Christmas movies ever?

Ridley Scott wants to bring YA series, Fae, to the big screen.

The next season of Doctor Who will not be split in half.

Late Night with Seth Meyers has it's first official poster.

I completely agree that Greg Berlanti is pretty great at adapting comics to television.

Viacom is looking to offer an online pay TV service to customers sooner rather than later.

Stop holding your breath for a Friday Night Lights movie.

To be a Parks and Recreation fan is to know the feeling of anxiety about whether our show is coming back every single year. Amy Poehler says this season will have a good ending for both the season, and the series (just in case).

You can officially mark your calendar for the return of Suits, Psych and White Collar.

Threadless has a collection of some really great Simpsons shirts.

Who is saying teens are rejecting television?

Leighton Meester has joined the Broadway adaption for Of Mice and Men.

Sherlock has a new, interactive trailer for season three (me and my mom are counting down the days for this).

Downton Abbey's Christmas episode has a trailer:

Check out 10 things you may not have noticed in The Wizard of Oz.

Lena Dunham interviewed Judy Blume.

This new Sarah Palin show seems to be giving me a sense of deja vu.

Thank god it (probably) won't be long until Sutton Foster is back on TV.

A Game of Thrones video game is coming next year.

And for the most fun ever, watch Emma Stone and Bill Murray be charming and wonderful together: