If you're not a fan of Late Night and don't care that last night marked Jimmy Fallon's first night as the host of The Tonight Show, then you probably don't want to read any of the links I have for you today. I'm a big fan of Fallon so this is basically all I care about right now. So prepare yourself. Today is all about Fallon.

Last night, Jimmy Fallon introduced himself as the new host of The Tonight Show, and it was a brilliant move.

Fallon had a strong debut in his first night hosting The Tonight Show. The ratings tied Conan's first episode back in 2009.

Read this article that Fallon wrote about his Tonight Show.

Joan Rivers appeared on last night's Tonight Show after a 30-year ban.

I'm a fan of the games Fallon plays with his guests, but it can come off as a way to avoid traditional late night interviews.

Check out this list of Fallon's funniest moments ever.

Fallon could be the next Johnny Carson.

And here's one more article about last night's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon debut (I'll try not to use the word debut in anymore headlines).

Fans of Beck can stream the new album on NPR.

Watch Chris Farley perform as Matt Foley years before his SNL debut:

I think it'll be awhile until I get over the cancellations of Happy Endings and Ben and Kate, but this list of shows may help.

Shameless and House of Lies have been renewed.

Test your knowledge of The Oscars with this quiz.

How many episodes of television constitutes a binge-watching?

My favorite article this week is about how Netflix is making TV marathons a burden.

The Walking Dead continues to score major ratings.

The cast of Modern Family is in Australia.

The trailer for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy premieres tonight, but you can watch a sneak peek right now.

Watch the cast of How I Met Your Mother present Letterman's Top 10:

After only one night, Jimmy Fallon has produced a viral hit on The Tonight Show: