Happy Thursday, lollipops. We've almost made it to Friday, and then we'll quickly be at Monday again and the countdown will continue week in and week out until you realize your life is a perpetual countdown to the weekend and then you will think about how worthless that is. It got weird there, but let's move on! I'm taking a long weekend in which I will be travelling and drinking small bottles of vodka in order to see my family and I can't wait. But first, some headlines:

On Sunday, the Oscars will be streamed online for the first time (but only to certain cable subscribers).

Game of Thrones unveiled a new poster for it's fourth season.

Steven Moffat declares there are no hit shows in Britain that were made in America.

Mixology premiered last night and didn't receive great ratings. And here's one of the nicer reviews (read: still bad) of the show.

Michelle Trachtenberg has been cast in a pilot for CBS.

NBC sees the promotional opportunity in putting clips of The Tonight Show online immediately after they air.

I am so excited that Scandal returns tonight.

Disney is spending a lot of money to shoot the Netflix Marvel series in New York.

Michael Schur remembers Harold Ramis in a great piece for Grantland.

Orphan Black is using Instagram to promote the second season.

I love this list of 10 actors who doom every TV show that they're on. The list completely ignores Summer Glau, so I feel obligated to mention that she would be included very high up if I were to have written that list.

NBC is obsessed with its own nostalgia.

The expected Best Picture winner at the Oscars will win for the wrong reasons.

Here's the only article on last night's Daniel Tosh-inspired Law & Order: SVU that you need to read.

Dean Norris will not reprise his Breaking Bad role in Better Call Saul.