Happy St. Patrick's Day, folks! I hope some of you are getting to enjoy the holiday. I'm working so my plans for tonight don't go further than a nice dinner and a couple beers. However, I'm more excited for March Madness starting this week. I'm agonizing over my bracket picks but I think I've figured it out.

David Brenner passed away over the weekend.

American Horror Story's next season will be set at a carnival.

How I Met Your Dad's cast continues to grow.

Marc Webb won't direct Spider-Man 4.

The Lost character's weren't dead the whole time. Of course they weren't, that's not how good TV works.

Weekend Update with Cecily Strong and Colin Jost is still a work in progress.

Melissa & Joey has been renewed for a fourth season.

By premiering a comedy mid-season, a network sets that show up to fail.

Angus T. Jones is still talking about Two and a Half Men.

The Simpsons spoofed Downton Abbey.

Veep has an extended trailer for the upcoming third season:

The cast of Orange is the New Black was pretty secretive when it came to talking about the show's second season at Paley Fest.

Jimmy Fallon discussed the More Cowbell SNL sketch with James Franco.

True Detective and Twin Peaks are pretty similar.

Veronica Mars opened to $2 million in just 291 theaters. But it still needs to make more.

Powerful women are all over the TV.

I'm actually really excited for MTV's new show, Faking It.

Drunk History returns on June 24th.

At their Paley Fest panel, the cast and creators of How I Met Your Mother continued to cleverly dodge answers about the Mother's fate.

James Cameron Mitchell didn't know about his Girls' character's fate until the read-through.

"The Radical Power of Classic Comedies."

And for fun, watch Anchorman 2's gag reel: