I'm back after a long break and I can't wait to get back into writing daily headlines. I'm currently sitting outside by a lake and I've got a fresh cup of coffee so let's just get right into this thing.

Rotton Tomatoes will start rating TV episodes.

Jon Hamm looked to Tina Fey and Bryan Cranston for advice on how to say goodbye to Don Draper.

I like this piece on the history of post-credit sequences in movies.

It looks like Billy Crystal is going to revisit some of his old SNL characters for his new FX show.

In order to stay relevant, Yahoo is getting into the TV business (and might fail doing so).

Watch a new clip from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

At this point, the only thing that's guaranteed on Game of Thrones is that something shocking will happen (SPOILERS).

David Foster Wallace said irony is ruining our culture and he might have been right about that.

Sorry guys: Benedict Cumberbatch will never play the Doctor.

Veep's creator, Armando Iannucci, talks about the third season and reveals his favorite insult from the show.

Two and a Half Men used Mila Kunis' guest appearance to joke about her and Ashton Kutcher being on That '70s Show (and it's funny).

Here is a look at how Conan O'Brien got 50 cameos in three weeks for the MTV Movie Awards.

Make sure to watch a scene from The Fault in Our Stars which shows Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort being adorable. Plus: Take a look at the soundtrack for the movie.

Check out this site where authors pen letters to their teen selves. I enjoyed this one from Ali Novak.

Mad Men is back to being simple. Plus: Is Mad Men actually Peggy's story?

Jimmy Fallon will find a rival from Stephen Colbert when it comes to must-see musical guests.

I'm excited to see how Andrew Garfield does hosting SNL.

Well, if we're going to lose Enlisted, at least Geoff Stults and Parker Young could reunite on TV again.

TV Daughters are easy to hate.

Amber Ruffin talks about being the first black woman to write for a late night show.

The backstage of Late Night with Seth Meyers looks super nice.

Um, Sharknado 2 wants fans to pay for a scene in the film. I hesitate linking to this because I don't want anyone forking over their cash for this. Just... don't do it.