Sorry to start today's headlines off with bad news, but ABC Family officially cancelled Bunheads yesterday.

At least IFC renewed Maron for a second season.

Bod Odenkirk and David Cross are going on tour with Brian Posehn, as well as releasing a book that I couldn't be more excited about.

Fight Club is getting a sequel in the form of a graphic novel.

SyFy is re-imagining The Wizard of Oz as a post-apocalyptic mini-series. Um, wasn't this already done?

Arrested Development didn't bring a lot of new subscribers to Netflix so it's interesting that there are talks for another season.

Netflix is going to expand into original documentaries and stand-up specials. Very cool.

Check out new pictures from the set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Listen to Joss Whedon on the Nerdist podcast.

Dennis Farina passed away yesterday at the age of 69.

Looks like the Batman/Superman movie might be called Batman Vs. Superman.

FXX has given premiere dates for It's Always SunnyTotally Biased and The League.

Emily Nussbaum writes about Sex and the City leading the way for the TV anti-hero and it's a pretty compelling argument.

Fox's "Animation Domination High-Def" exceeded ratings expectations for the network.

Sacha Baron Cohen will not play Freddie Mercury in the biopic.

Nat Wolff has been cast in the film adaption of The Fault In Our Stars.

Spike Lee is the next filmmaker to take his next project to Kickstarter.

Now you have enough pop culture news to make you feel better about that diet you just started.