It's official: Jason Sudeikis isn't returning to SNL. Here are some of his best characters.

You can now get The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson on iTunes. I guess I know what I'll be doing with my day now.

If you like independent films as much as I do, definitely check out this list of the 25 essential American indie films.

GQ has an interview with Aubrey Plaza. And be sure to check out the Parks and Rec actress as Daria.

Freddie Prinze Jr. will guest star on Bones.

Vulture talks to Matt Smith about his Dr. Who departure in which he's impossibly charming.

The Big Chill cast is coming together for a 30-year reunion and oh my god I want to be there.

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston arrived at the Breaking Bad premiere in an RV in case you needed another reason to love them.

I don't really mind apartment sizes being unrealistically big in sitcoms, but others may be annoyed with it.

Dan Harmon would do another network comedy.

Sons of Anarchy comes back September 10.

Heidi Klum will guest star on Parks and Recreation.

Seth Meyers talks about his Late Night show.

Gravity has another new trailer and this one also looks terrifying. Though at this point, I feel like I've seen the whole movie.

Yesterday, Google introduced Chromecast which is definitely a right step in the future of TV.

Pakistan's first-ever female superhero and first-ever animated series is called the "Burka Avenger" and it sounds pretty awesome.

The key-art for CBS' new shows is interesting in that Sarah Michelle-Gellar is no where to be found on The Crazy One's poster.

Oprah Winfrey is returning to Letterman after eight years.

Marc Webb teases fans by talking about Amazing Spider-Man 4.

And for fun, watch Seth Green's new stop-motion web series, Friendship All-Stars: