Good morning, friends! I've had an excellent morning so far and I'm hoping this good day continues. And even better, it's almost Friday.

This news literally ruined my day yesterday: Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are leaving Parks and Recreation in the middle of this upcoming season.

But hey, I've got some really great news to (almost) make up for it: Mary Lynn Rajskub will be returning for 24: Live Another Day.

Rob Lowe could get his own NBC show.

Get a look at James Franco as Hugh Hefner in Lovelace.

What are the top 10 Woody Allen films? And why do people always rank Match Point so high?

One of my favorite writers on twitter landed a job on a sitcom... because of twitter.

Harry Potter is getting some new, illustrated covers.

I love this article about Kevin Fallon's night at an America's Got Talent taping, mostly because of Mariann From Brooklyn's story.

The new trailer for American Hustle is here. For anyone unaware, this is the next film by David O. Russell and (once again) stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

SyFy has renewed Continuum for a third season.

Everyone is welcome to stop saying SNL is in trouble now.

Everyone is also welcome to stop freaking out about spoilers (when they're not really spoilers).

Looks like we'll be seeing a Pacific Rim sequel as the movie performed very well in China.

And for fun, watch the premiere of The Awesomes, starring Seth Meyers.

Now you have enough pop culture news to think about while you celebrate IPA day.