Happy Friday, folks! I hope everyone has insanely fun plans for this weekend because I know I do. So let's check out these headlines before going outside.

Guardians of the Galaxy had the biggest Thursday night opening of 2014 with over 11 million dollars.

Adults are choosing to see more independent films this summer which is helping the box office.

GQ lists the 21 best albums of the 21st century.

Check out some photos from Once Upon a Time's Frozen moments.

I love this list of the 13 best science fiction comedies.

You can read Nathan Fillion's forward to Joss Whedon's biography online now.

Lena Dunham wrote an essay about The Big Chill and I kind of dig it.

And because The Big Chill is one of my favorite '80s movies, here's another essay that discusses the film's music.

I've been saying this for years: book "readers of TV adaptions need to let it go."

Everything about Birdman excites me:

You'll be able to watch the season premiere of Doctor Who in movie theaters.

Rob McElhenney will be the second It's Always Sunny actor to guest star on The Mindy Project.

Everyone be calm, this is not a drill: Downton Abbey is filming at Hogwarts.

Undateable has been renewed for a second season.

James Franco tried to get Stephen Colbert to break character on The Colbert Report... it didn't work.

Nathan For You brilliantly mocks reality TV and documentaries.

Chris Pratt tells a great story about an early moment on set of Parks of Recreation:

I'm in love with this list of best soundtrack moments from 2014 so far.

In honor of Sharknado 2, here's a list of the best bad movies.

You can watch the trailer for Z Nation, Syfys new zombie drama, if you want to do that.

Not a lot of people watched The Quest last night.

It's actually pretty great that Mad Men is the number one show that viewers skip ads during.

Here's all the life advice you'll need, by Louis C.K.

You can watch the premiere of Garfunkel and Oates online right now and you absolutely should.

"12 Hidden Celebrity Cameos in Movies".

Just a heads up that the Lollapalooza livestream begins today, so bookmark the site.

And for fun, watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jerry Seinfeld sing "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" from 2000: