Happy Monday, everyone. I'm so tired today because I chose to go out last night and then instead of going to bed once I got home, I had to stay up and watch the new Breaking Bad episode. So here's to hoping these headlines help wake me up a little bit.

The A.V. Club visited notable Breaking Bad locations. Plus: I love this piece on Breaking Bad's literature references.

Dean Norris talked about the experience of shooting Breaking Bad's series finale. And Vince Gilligan talked about last night's episode.

Slate makes a case for Skyler being Breaking Bad's best character.

Okay, last Breaking Bad article (for today). This review of last night's episode discusses talks about that inevitable ending.

Big news for cinephiles today: footage has surfaced from Jerry Lewis' notorious Holocaust film, The Day the Clown Cried.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon moved to Studio 6A with an exact replica of the set.

That's not all, music fans have something to get excited about as well: an unheard Bob Dylan song has resurfaced for an upcoming box set.

Now that Breaking Bad has returned, it's time for us to get excited about Homeland's return:

CBS isn't seeing much of ratings decrease with the blackout on Time Warner Cable. That's not great news for TWC, but something has to be figured out before fall premieres, right? If it isn't, the FCC is prepared to step in.

Joe Mande is getting a lot of attention from his attempt to buy one million twitter followers.

Speaking of twitter, some of TV's biggest showrunners talk about making dramas in the twitter age.

Jason Biggs talks about his role on Orange is the New Black.

This list of 50 sci-fi/fantasy novels that everyone should read is one of the best list of books I've ever seen compiled together.

Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael are developing a show for ABC.

Pixar announced exciting casting news over the weekend, particularly for their 2015 release, Inside Out.

Lady Gaga released her new single, "Applause", today.

Have you guys seen this video of Andrew Huang covering the Breaking Bad theme song using meth lab equipment?

And for fun, watch Matt Smith's face morph into Peter Capaldi's.