Today's short is fairly short, I apologise for that. But I think there's something for everyone here, which makes it a successful list of headlines.

Splitsider talked to Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer about their MTV show, Nikki and Sara Live. Is everyone on board with how much I love these two women?

USA Today has a profile on my favorite authorJohn Green.

I enjoyed this list of actors who refused to promote their movies.

This James Franco roast on Comedy Central is shaping up to be super funny.

Watch Badger's Star Trek story from Breaking Bad, which someone has already animated:

I love this Mean Girls reference from the White House.

Shonda Rhimes' new project for ABC is a comedy.

Some think Breaking Bad is being over-analyzed. I say, if you feel that way, stop reading the articles. Because I'm loving every.single.article that I can get my hands on. PLUS: Last Sunday's episode blew it's old ratings record out of the water.

Jimmy Fallon talked about his five-year struggle to become a dad (and reveals the adorable inspiration behind Winnie's name).

Anyone want to take this Woody Allen New York tour with me?

futuristic prison break drama scored a put pilot order from NBC.

And for fun, watch what happens when Thor and Arrested Development come together:

Now you have enough pop culture news to tide you over until Jobs' release on Friday.