Here are today's most interesting headlines to get you through the work day, all in one convenient list.

Watch a trailer to get you excited about the return of Community.

If you haven't watched it yet, NBC has put the pilot for A to Z online for you watch ahead of its premiere.

Buzzfeed ranked every Meryl Streep performance. Do you agree with their list?

Penny Marshall paid tribute to Robin Williams in this piece for the New Yorker.

Have you been waiting for the day you could listen to a Dungeons & Dragons short story read by Felicia Day? Now is that day.

And if you need more Dungeons & Dragons news for your Monday, watch this documentary about girls playing the game for the first time.

Gross TV is definitely a current trend with shows like The Walking Dead and The Strain.

Here's what Up would look like if it was directed by Michael Bay:

Keanu Reeves is looking to star in a TV show for the first time.

Grantland tried to figure out what the best American band is.

I'm always looking for new songs to run to, so I love this playlist from Hellogiggles of the perfect running songs.

Mental Floss has a list of future stars who appeared on Friends before they were big.

I'm so happy that Bob's Burgers won an Emmy.

It's also so awesome that Uzo Aduba won an Emmy for her portrayal of Crazy Eyes on Orange is the New Black.

Outlander has been renewed for a second season.

Craig Ferguson's 7pm talk show could look a lot like his 12:35am talk show.

I'm pretty obsessed with the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack that hit No. 1 last week, so I like this list of hit soundtracks that never managed to reach number one.

I wish I was in New York to see New Girl and Hannibal (and Game of Thrones) as operas.

Everyone needs to watch John Oliver discuss the events happening in Ferguson: