I hope you guys are having as good of a morning as I'm having. I had time to stop at starbucks before work which always makes my day, and it's finally Friday. I don't think it's possible for me to be more excited about the weekend because I have so many cool things happening over the next two days. I can't wait. But that doesn't mean there aren't headlines to get to.

One of the cool things happening this weekend is that the 12th Doctor will be announced on Sunday. Also, could the live announcement mean the news is bigger than an unknown male actor?

Ellen Degeneres will host the Oscars next year.

I was thrilled when I realized Regina Spektor was the one doing Orange is the New Black's theme song. She talked to Rolling Stone about the original song. Plus: do you think the song is catchy or annoying? I love it, because Regina Spektor can pretty much do no wrong.

This Mental Floss article about Oregon Trail was my favorite read this morning.

Ugh, James Cameron is going to make three Avatar sequels

This piece about the producer who does the subtitles for Honey Boo Boo is kind of fun.

Billy Bob Thornton has been cast in FX's Fargo limited series.

The Dads panel at this years TCA's was a trainwreck, much like 2 Broke Girls a few years ago... uh oh.

Jim Carrey isn't the only actor who has spoken out against one of their projects. TV Guide lists a few others who weren't happy with shows and films they starred in.

I can't wait for the Castle episode that will pay tribute to Saved by the Bell.

The X Factor's $5 million prize is being reduced to $1 million next season.

Joan Jett has a new album coming out soon, and the first single will drop August 6.

What was that Donald Glover video all about?

Glee will likely end after its sixth season.

Here's a list of some independent films you should see this summer.

I couldn't get enough of the "Ozymandias"/Breaking Bad trailer that I linked to earlier this week. If you're not into poetry, you can read this article to get more info on what that was all about.

As if you need anymore reasons to love Stephen FryBut here are 22, just incase.

Um... a Pakistani talk show is giving away babies on the air.

Good luck in this years SNL ticket lottery.

Parks and Recreation will be okay without Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins. But it, literally, will not be the same. (Plus: I love this tweet from Rob Lowe about his departure).

Watch the first episode of Broadchurch, which won't air on BBC America until next week.

A ton of people are going to be on Fox's Animation Domination this season.

Watch Transformers 4 blowup downtown Detroit.

And for fun, watch Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and Robin Thicke perform "Blurred Lines" with classroom instruments:

Enjoy your weekend, knuckleheads.