Hey look, it's Monday again. Is this going to keep happening every week? Today's headlines took extra long to compile because I had a small dog sitting on my lap helping me type and it turns out she's terrible at spelling.

Don't miss the whole Orange is the New Black cast on Conan tonight.

Conan O'Brien is performing "The Monorail Song" at the live Simpson's event next month.

I have my reservations about a Ghostbsuters reboot, but news of it being about female ghostbusters if one way to get me a little excited.

It seems appropriate that Jack White's album, Lazaretto, is the best-selling vinyl in 20 years

Check out this summer's TV shows ranked in order of ratings.

People took a look at the cast of Parenthood, 25 years after the film's release.

I love this article that makes a claim for Taylor Schilling being the next Mary Tyler Moore, but mostly because it perfectly explains the importance of Schilling's portrayal of Piper on Orange is the New Black.

Key & Peele returns on September 24th.

I bet you didn't know all 10 of these facts about the Lost Boys soundtrack.

I was just talking about Chris Pratt's role on Everwood with a friend last night, so I enjoyed this article that looks at the actor's career evolution. PLUS: Pratt says people are "ready for [Parks and Recreation] to be done."

It looks like we might get a female-centered Amazing Spider-Man spin-off.

Don't miss this piece that records "a day in the life of a Times Square Elmo impersonator."

Nickelodeon is making a School of Rock TV show, with Richard Linklater set to produce.

This is awesome: you can listen to some rare interviews with Andy Warhol, and I suggest you do.

Here are a few reasons you should keep watching The Leftovers.

Emily Heller will recur on the second season of Ground Floor and I could not be more excited about that.