Morning, folks. I'm getting a late start today because of early morning meetings but I think things have finally settled down enough to focus on headlines.

The Discovery Channel is defending its decision to air the controversial Megalodon "documentary."

If you're not convinced Peter Capaldi will make a great doctor, Buzzfeed has a list of 23 reasons to love the actor. Plus: Capaldi is the ideal choice for the 12th doctor.

Tatiana Maslany uses different playlists to get into the midset of each character on Orphan Black.

Watch the final trailer for Ender's Game.

Nick Offerman discussed the cast changes for Parks and Recreation.

We could see a live-action Star Wars TV series soon.

Laura Bell Bundy is officially Selma Blair's replacement on Anger Management. While that's awesome, I'm still not watching that show.

Twitter can help Nielsen ratings.

Meet the voice actors behind some of your favorite animated characters (some might surprise you).

Watch Seth Meyers on his future late night show:

Aaron Sorkin says he couldn't re-do The West Wing's pilot today.

The Wizard of Oz has a premiere date for it's 3D premiere.

The Writer's Room went to the Parks and Recreation offices this time around.

If you haven't seen the Mumford and Sons video for "Hopeless Wanderer" yet, where have you been?

I could not be more excited for Coach's return (Damon Wayans Jr.) to New Girl next season.

Joss Whedon talks about getting things done. If anyone knows how to do this, it's Whedon.

Scandal will be picking up very close to where it left off at season two.

This Mental Floss article about 22 classic album covers was my favorite read from yesterday.

Here's Donald Glover's next gig: a music-themed comedy for FX.

This tumblr keeps a list of all the books referenced in Orange is the New Black (we will never be done talking about this show, so just get used to it).

And for fun, watch Patton Oswalt's Star Wars filibuster get animated for Youtube's Geek Week:

Now you have enough pop culture news to talk about at the dinner table.