I hope you guys are having a better day than me. I woke up feeling under the weather and then was hit with some terrible family news but I'm going to try to get through today as normal as possible. That means we're going to get to some headlines.

Amber Tamblyn will play Charlie's daughter on Two and a Half Men. I'm afraid to admit it but I may actually watch the episodes with her in them... at least one of them.

In the least surprising news of ever, Under the Dome's piracy rates are up in cities affected by the CBS blackout.

Bill Hader is on this week's WTF with Marc Maron so check that out while you get to the rest of today's headlines.

Fox is working on a World War III event series.

Here's another teaser for American Horror Story: Coven:

Daft Punk may never have been scheduled for The Colbert Report.

CBS is hoping Steven Spielberg's Extant will be the next Under the Dome.

CSI will reunite Ted Danson with John Ratzenberger next season. You bet I'll be watching.

Broadchurch might be a great show, but viewers are tired of murder storylines.

Do you know the four TV shows that Jennifer Aniston was on before Friends?

Steven Moffat makes it sounds like he's against a woman ever playing the doctor.

PBS is hoping their Superheroes documentary will attract the Comic-Con crowd.

My favorite thing to happen on the internet this week was Conan launching a monologue joke database.

Rashida Jones landed a put-pilot order from Fox for her single-cam comedy, Stuck.

Skins went off the air this week after seven seasons.

Glenn Howerton will guest star on The Mindy Project.

The Bachelor's new minority bachelor looks incredibly white. Way to find a way around that diversity problem. Ugh.

I'm pretty obsessed with how great Detroit looks for the new Transformers movie.

Mark Strong hints at playing Lex Luthor for the Superman vs Batman role.

Alright that does it for me today, friends. Enjoy your Thursdays.