Jumping right into things today. Here are today's headlines:

This is not a drill, guys. Connie Britton has a script for the Friday Night Lights movie.

Karen Black (Easy Rider, Nashville) passed away yesterday.

Not sure Now You See Me needs a sequel, but it's getting one anyway (because of course it is).

Bret McKenzie is writing a new comedy musical about dragons and monsters. So, naturally, I'm listening to this song today.

That Doctor Who reveal last Sunday got big ratings, obviously.

Make sure you watch the new international trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:

So we might be seeing a medical drama based on The Wizard of Oz in the near future. Hm.

Ah, so this is how Jimmy Fallon and his wife kept that big secret.

Looks like Alec Baldwin's next TV project is a show on MSNBC.

I agree that the Sharknado sequel title is super lame, especially since there were so many clever options.

"Dead Freight" is one of my favorite episodes of television ever, so this piece with George Mastras (who wrote and directed it) was my favorite read from this morning.

Speaking of Breaking Bad, the actual homeowner of Walter White's house is getting a lot of visitors.

Hilarie Burton (better known as the woman who destroyed Callie and Arizona's marriage) will recur on Hostages.

Orange is the New Black promoted Uzo Aduba to series regular. Does this mean we're getting a "Crazy Eyes" flashback episodes? Because I'm into that.

Damian Lewis talks about his storyline for next season on Homeland.

If you only read one thing from today's headlines, make sure it's this interview with Tig Notaro (aka my comedy hero).

And for fun, watch this incredibly funny bit with Stephen Colbert and Matt Damon:

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. Take your dog to the park and spend the entire day with him/her. Maybe take one of your grandparents or uncles/aunts out to lunch and remind them how important they are to you. That's the thought I'll leave you with. Be good to each other.