Good morning, darlings. If you're having half as good a day as I'm having, then you're doing pretty well. But if you're having a less-than-awesome day, I have some headlines to cheer you up.

The Mindy Project has put up the season two premiere online early, and it's vastly improved upon the first season.

NPR is streaming the new Sebadoh album, Defend Yourself.

Arsenio Hall returned to late night last night after 20 years. PLUS: is the show destined for failure?

If you haven't heard yet, Jimmy Kimmel was behind that twerking video that everyone's been watching.

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series will come in a barrel, and it will feature an alternate ending. PLUS: Michelle MacLaren talks about directing Sunday's episode.

I am so glad that Jesse Plemons is killing it on Breaking Bad this season.

Boardwalk Empire isn't as good as Breaking Bad (duh).

One more Breaking Bad headline: a fan of the show is suing Apple.

Check out the new Thor: The Dark World character poster that features Loki.

Boy Meets World and Saved by the Bell are getting complete series DVDs.

My favorite thing on the internet this week is definitely Mark-Paul Gosselaar imaginging what Zack Morris would be like today:

Sigur Ros has been cast in Game of Thrones' fourth season.

It's been nine seasons, and Bones and Booth are finally getting married on Bones (who's still watching this show? Just curious, I gave up one or two seasons ago).

NBC has picked up a Katherine Heigl pilot.

Has The Newsroom improved now that it isn't taking itself so seriously?

Ant-Man's release date was moved up to July 2015.

Speaking of Marvel, their JARVIS app has been released.

Do you like the idea of books including labels for how long it will take to read?

Yesterday, Yahoo launched a bunch of original comedy series, including ones from Jack Black, John Stamos and Ed Helms.

For fun, watch this Lost/Breaking Bad mashup that was inevitable:

Now you have enough pop culture news to vastly improve your day.