Morning, guys. I haven't had coffee yet so I'm going to see how quickly I can get through today's headlines before I fall asleep at my computer.

Big day for Harry Potter fans: J.K. Rowling is writing a movie based off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which takes place in the wizarding world everyone knows and loves.

Bad news, friends: Laura Prepon is set to return for only one episode of Orange is the New Black's second season.

Cameron Esposito, an LA comedian, wrote about her experience performing in front of Jay Leno.

Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spinoff, is happening.

Speaking of Breaking Bad, you absolutely need to watch Jimmy Fallon's parody, Joking Bad (which features a cameo you don't want to miss).

Bill & Ted 3 is "in a dark period," according to Keanu Reeves.

Jimmy Kimmel's fake viral video might have been the "best media criticism ever."

I absolutely love this article about TS Eliot's influence on popular music. Everyone should read this.

The production company, Bad Robot, is expanding specifically to meet the needs of Star Wars VII.

I love this video of Bob Odenkirk judging bad lawyer ads with Julie Klausner.

Watch the trailer for August: Osage County.

The X Factor returned last night to its worst ratings ever.

John Oliver will return to Community.

Read how Saturday Night Live found its five new castmembers.

Supernatural returns October 9th, but you can watch the promo now.

Here's a list of 50 essential films about high school.

Check out the trailer for Killing Kennedy, starring Rob Lowe.

Carson Daly won't host Last Call anymore, instead he's joined the Today Show.

20 years later, The X-Files is still influencing today's television.

Jimmy Fallon somehow always gets the best musical guests. Next week, The Pixies will perform on the late night show.

Fans of Dexter might relate to this essay about the frustrations of loving a show that's overstayed its welcome.

And for fun, watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail recut as a drama:

Now you have enough pop culture news to raise your IQ by a million points.