Morning, everyone. I'm moving slow today which is why I'm currently writing this post much later than I usually do. I'm so looking forward to a nap after work, but before that we have some headlines.

Futurama aired its series finale last night.

Kill some time by watching 20 minutes of a gag reel from Parks and Rec's fifth season.

Ian McKellen is the newest actor to take on the role of Sherlock Holmes.

Hold on there, Jeff Daniels: HBO hasn't officially renewed The Newsroom for a third season yet.

Under the Dome needs to work a little more on the characters under the dome.

Betty White has set the record for having the "Longest TV Career For An Entertainer (Female)."

Thor: The Dark World has a new international poster that shows off both Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth.

NBC has picked up another show from Jason Katims.

"If You Liked Seinfeld, You Should Be Watching The League."

W. Kumau Bell talks about changing his show Totally Biased into a daily show.

Is FX hurting its comedies by premiereing them on a new night for FXX?

Tickets to Aaron Paul's Hollywood Cemetery screening of the Breaking Bad finale sold out in one minute.

Sarah Silverman wrote a touching obituary for her dog, Duck.

An ex-drug Kingpin says Walter White's transition has been pretty accurate. Plus: Dean Norris and Betsy Brandt are adorable and hilarious.

Will Smith might be thinking about returning for the Independence Day Sequel.

If you really have a lot of free time today, watch the Breaking Bad rock opera.

And for some extra fun today, watch Bob Odenkirk do his Steve Jobs impression for The Birthday Boys.