Hey, tater tots, glad you could join me for some Monday headlines. Let's get right to it.

Here's a full list of last night's winners at the Oscars.

So many people watched the Oscars last night. The award show had it's highest ratings since 2004.

Read a quick profile on Wes Anderson.

The Point Break remake is becoming even more real.

Hannibal's second season is as close to a cable drama that you can find on a major network.

Sarah Michelle Gellar did an excellent Reddit AMA.

Check out the poster for Stripped, which Bill Waterson designed.

Seth Meyers is at his best when behind a desk.

Kate Aurthur took on the task of ranking all 85 Best Picture Oscar Winners.

Being a seat-filler at the Oscars sounds absolutely miserable.

This old promo for WB is sure to illicit some nostalgia.

Sarah Baker has been cast alongside Matthew Perry in Odd Couple.

Scandal doesn't really care about reality.

Jimmy Fallon fit his desk and The Roots inside a man's living room.

ABC is staying afloat thanks to Shonda Rhimes.

You definitely want to see this mashup of House of Cards and The West Wing.

Watch Patton Oswalt introduce "The Indie-izer:"