We're still talking about Arrested Development because a lot of people watched the show on Sunday, proving a streaming success for Netflix so far. However, a lot of people have been disappointed in the show and it is the internets fault.

Wired takes a look at how we all binge watch TV, and whether that's a good thing for shows like Arrested Development and Lost (it's not).

The season finale of Mike and Molly that was delayed last week will air this Thursday.

Fred Armisen's farewell song on SNL is available for a free download.

ABC Family has renewed Melissa & Joey for a fourth season (finally some good news for Melissa Joan Hart), as well as given it a back order of three episodes

I enjoyed this New Yorker piece from David Sedaris on the joys of having a guest bedroom and houseguests.

If you were sad to see Smash go because you can't get enough of Katharine McPhee (join the club), then you'll be excited by the news that she has been cast in Dennis Lehane's upcoming thriller, Depravity.

Sam Mendes is in talks to come back and direct the next James Bond movie.

Henry Cavill may stay busy after next month's release of Man of Steel. The actor may replace Tom Cruise as the lead in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Check out this handwritten list of recommended books that Ernest Hemingway once gave a fan.

What were the best and worst season finales of the past season?

Daft Punk's new album has now broken two records on Spotify, including topping Mumford and Sons previous record for most first-week album streams.

Amazon has officially picked up Alpha House and Betas to series. Does this mean all of the others are dead? Seems like there were quite a lot to only give two a pickup so I hope this isn't it.

For fun, here's a cool supercut of videogames in movies.

And enjoy Joss Whedon's commencement speech to Wesleyan University.

Now you have enough pop culture news to impress your houseguests.