Joss Whedon will judge a fan art poster contest for Much Ado About Nothing.

T.J. Miller has joined Mark Wahlberg in Transformers 4, now giving you a reason to see Transformers 4.

Two and a Half Men is looking to fill the void left by Angus T. Jones by adding a series regular to the cast- and it'll be Charlie Harper's long-lost daughter. Oh god, now Two and a Half Men will have more, fresh mysoginistic jokes for the vast majority of television viewers to watch.

Neil Patrick Harris will be back to once again host the Emmy's after last doing it in 2009.

Now that people are over Charlie SheenAnger Management isn't doing so well in the ratings (FX ordered a back-90 in 2012, meaning they reeeeaaallyy want/need it to do better), so CBS will air four episodes of the comedy in hopes of bumping up the numbers.

Hollywood is doing what it does best by sucking the life out of something by giving Grumpy Cat a movie deal. Don't expect Bill Murray to be apart of it.

First Disneyland got some bad PR this year when a small dry-ice bomb went off in one of the park's trashcans, now Disney World is having problems of its own. Someone's grandmother found a gun on one of the rides.

Glenn Close is set to join Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Now I may have to actually watch The MillersJames Burrows will stay on as executive producer/director for the series.

Netflix shouldn't release an entire season of new programming all at once because it kind of makes us crazy and hurts the experience. Speaking of, Netflix is willing to make more episodes of Arrested Development (yes, we're still talking about Arrested Development).

After completely dominating Youtube since the site's early days, Smosh may make the move to TV.

EW has your summer covered with shows and movies and things to do every day this summer.

Discovery/Revision3 and Philip DeFranco have paired up.

And for fun, watch this shot-by-shot recreation of Friends' opening sequence, done by some clever college graduates:

Now you have enough pop culture news to jumpstart your morning.