It's finally Friday and thank god because I am exhausted. I was up all night with my dog who's really sick so I'm ready for a weekend to relax at the beach while I read a new book. But before we can get to that, we've got some headlines to cover.

I don't know when I'll ever stop talking about Arrested Development, today is definitely not that day, because Adam WarRock has written a rap about season four.

Ashley Madekew is saying goodbye to Revenge, as her character seems to have run its course.

Here is something I'm way into: The Roots and Elvis Costello will be releasing a collaborative album together in September. Mark your calendars.

American Idol will look way different next season now that Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are leaving.

Vince Gilligan wants the Breaking Bad spin-off even though it wouldn't live up to the original.

Could Jenna Elfman replace Parker Posey on The Family Guide? I'm into it.

Tracy Morgan will star in a comedy for FX.

Fans of Hannibal can finally relax, the series has officially been renewed for another season.

Please read this Thought Catalogue list of things you need to stop doing on Facebook.

Warner Bros has revealed the Superman 75th Anniversary logo.

The way a woman one a million dollars on Wheel of Fortune is bizarre and awesome.

I'm pretty sad that Alan Tudyk won't be back for Suburgatory's third season. Especially since it's due to budget cuts.

And for fun, a French rapper inserted himself into famous movie scenes for a music video (and it's slightly NSFW):

Now you have enough pop culture news to kickstart your weekend.