Yesterday was a big day for those of us into tech news, with Sony showing who's boss with the new playstation announcement and the new Apple news. However exciting that may have been, there are some other headlines to talk about this morning.

Game of Thrones' season finale broke a piracy record on Sunday.

Adult Swim has kicked off its annual "Singles Program" where they give away one new track from indie artists for 15 consecutive weeks. 

iTunes Radio, announced by Apple yesterday, will launch this fall.

John Oliver is doing great as the Daily Show host.

Check out Fred Armisen in Amoeba Record's "What's In My Bag?"

I would totally watch a documentary about Ghostbusters.

It's been a lot of fun watching Sony dominate Microsoft with their announcements.

Monica Potter, Patton Oswalt and Tatiana Maslany were among a great group of winners at last nights Critics Choice Awards.

Weevil will be back for the Veronica Mars movie.

Lorne Michaels sold a show to HBO that stars Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin.

Warner Bros. has dropped the Dumb and Dumber sequel, making is less likely anyone wil ever see this actually become a thing.

Uh oh, The Daily Beast isn't fond of the new Superman movie.

And for fun, watch the new Lonely Island video for "Go Kindergarten":

Now you have enough pop culture news to tide you over before The Voice.