Hope everyone is having a good Thursday. I'm currently having a fight with a printer that is out to get me today so I'm going to distract myself with some headlines.

Pretty Little Liars' season four premiere had a really great night with not only scoring the biggest ratings yet, but it also became the most tweeted season premiere of any TV show.

Jenny Slate has been cast in a pilot for FXX. The new network is starting to look quite good.

Guardian asks if we all need a break from superhero movies

Judy Blume likes the show, Girls.

We might get a Mr. Show reunion in two years to celebrate the shows 20th anniversary.

I know a couple people that would totally get this Walking Dead credit card.

James Franco writes about one of my favorites, Strangers on a Train.

Bill Cosby talks about Fat Albert.

Mac will be back for the Veronica Mars movie. Honestly, Tina Majorino's casting announcements I was really waiting for.

"Summer Break" will be a reality show that exists entirely on social media sites.

Jerry Seinfeld is back with the second season of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee". The first episode stars Sarah Silverman.

Just For Laughs will honor Amy Poehler with a Best Comedy Person award.

Hello I Must Be Going will be Courtney Cox's directorial debut, and will star Sean William Scott and Kate Walsh.

Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show will go back to the Johnny Carson days and be called The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

And for fun, watch Jeffrey Tambor recreate the Larry Sanders opening on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. This is by far my favorite pop culture moment of the week, possibly month.

Now you have enough pop culture news to heal any wounds left over from this week's Voice eliminations.