I'm up extra early this morning because my mom is on a conference call in the other room which just means I had more time to put together today's headlines for you. I'm going out of town today and will most likely be away for the next week. So get it while you can.

USA remembers James Gandolfini, who died yesterday, in this piece. The finale cafe also paid tribute to the Sopranos star. I also really loved this piece from Time about his influence on a flawed protagonist in television. And for good measure, here's a good one from Vulture.

Microsoft has reversed some of their restrictions on the Xbox One.

Sam Taylor-Johnson is set to direct the film adaption of Fifty Shades of Grey.

I'm looking forward to Under the Dome because I love Brian K. Vaughn.

There are three new Dead Milkmen songs available to stream, which is now my soundtrack as I continue writing this morning.

Here's a list of movie-inspired bars. It's too bad none of these are in California because they look awesome.

Maybe Yahoo shouldn't release email addresses, but that just seems like common sense.

Rumors continue to spread over who will take over for Matt Smith on Dr. Who. Now David Harewood is in talks to play the next doctor. Personally, I'd love to see Rory Kinnear or Chiwetal Ejiofor try their hand at the role, who are also on a short list.

Deputy Leo (Max Greenfield) will be in the Veronica Mars movie.

Netflix renewed Hemlock Grove for another season.

NBC gave The Office stars scrapbooks from their nine seasons. I want to see this.

Big Brother is switching things up a bit.

FX has greenlighted a comedy from Kelsey Grammar and Martin Lawrence and it got the same 10/90 deal that worked for Anger Management.

Who's worse, Chalie Sheen or Dan Harmon?

Next season of Homeland will have less of Brody.

HBO let Aaron Sorkin re-shoot two episodes of The Newsroom.

Chris Hardwick will host a game show on Comedy Central called Midnight. Being that I like game shows, Hardwick is delightful, and I love the direction Comedy Central is moving in, I may just have to watch this.

Seth MacFarlane will be the voice of Seymour on Futurama, which is the saddest dog to ever exist in television.

And for fun, watch Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt yodel (yes, I said yodel):

Now you have enough pop culture news to last you through my short hiatus.