I hope everyone's morning is off to a good start. I'm really excited about today due to work-related reasons but I'm going to need some coffee before I'm truly awake.

Movie trailers are playing during Under the Dome, which is rare for a Monday night show.

Salon lists HBO's best-to-worst opening sequences.

I agree that New Girl is edited exceptionally well.

Fans of Seinfeld might want to bid on the 21 scripts up for auction.

I can't wait for the second season of Comedy Bang! Bang!.

Angie Harmon wants to be more feminine in Rizzoli and Isles fanfiction.

I love Drunk History but I do prefer it on the web rather than on TV. It's better in short form.

John Barrowman wants a female Dr. just as much as you do.

An ex-Alias writer has been appointed to a State Department post. Even cooler since it's one of my favorite shows of all time and I'm currently re-watching it on Netflix.

Comedy Central is going to roast James Franco.

I'm going to miss Happy Endings so much but I guess it helps knowing what would've happened in season four.

I'm looking forward to The Awesomes, which includes a character voiced by Seth Meyers.

Fox has ordered a pilot based on The League of Extrordinary Gentlemen. This could be really cool.

Check out pictures from Hans Zimmer's beautiful recording studio.

How does Ryan Seacrest have time for all these jobs?

Brilliant: NBC will give out cardboard chairs at Comic-Con.

Rob Lowe is going back to Californication for an episode.

Just in case you forgot about Unforgettable, CBS has put the first season online.

Sh*t Girls Say is headed to TV. Hopefully it has better luck than that other internet-to-TV sh*t show.

Here are the new characters in Newsroom's second season.

I really enjoyed thie piece about poetry written by the late Roger Ebert.

Goodreads has revealed the most abandoned books and it's pretty interesting (and with no surprises).

And for fun, stream the new Pet Shop Boys album.