I hope you've got some time on your hands this Friday afternoon, because I've got quite the headlines post for you today. But first, what's everyone up to this weekend? Just chillin'? Any cool parties? Let's chat. I was going to head down to San Diego for the weekend but instead I'm going to be with some friends in LA and view Comic-Con from afar. Okay, I see that you're just here for the headlines. Here they are.

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch talk about how Sherlock survived that fall.

Speaking of Sherlock, the Comic-Con panel showed a rough-cut scene from the upcoming third season, and with it new information.

And if you haven't had enough of Benedict Cumberbatch yet today, check out the trailer for The Fifth Estate.

The Simpsons and Family Guy are doing a crossover episode next year.

X-Files celebrated its 20th anniversary at Comic-Con this year.

Yesterday, Dexter had it's last Comic-Con panel with a bunch of the cast in attendance and Jennifer Carpenter got emotional.

The Workaholics guys are making a movie with Seth Rogen.

Two and a Half Men are removing Angus T. Jones from the opening credits.

Amy Sherman-Palladino doubts that Bunheads will get a second season. And that is a straight-up shame.

Adam Pally has joined season two of The Mindy Project for a major season arc.

While I'm a huge fan of Jason Bateman, I agree that there were so many other people on Arrested Development that deserved an Emmy nomination ahead of the lead actor.

Louis C.K. talks about the movie that Woody Allen wants to make with him.

The argument that "TV is better than movies" is lazy and tiring, so Slate is asking for you to stop with that argument.

However, you can make the argument that TV posters have never been better.

Teen Wolf will return January 6th.

Taryn Manning has been promoted to series regular on Orange Is the New Black's second season.

Firefly is back with a role-playing game.

Bill Hader has a new full-time job after leaving SNL. He'll write for South Park next season.

Despite Josh Holloway persisting that Intelligence isn't the new Chuck, I'll be watching it because it's the new Chuck.

Whoa, for huge fans of Power Rangers, you'll be able to get a 98-disc DVD box set.

If you're a fan of Game of Thrones and you aren't at Comic-Con right now, definitely don't look at these GoT products that are at the Con right now.

Psych announced the release date for their musical episode, "Psych: The Musical." The episode will air as a two-hour special on December 15th. Mark your calendars, Psych-os.

Buzzfeed has an oral history of Intervention if you're into that sort of thing.

The Pete Holmes Show will premiere on October 28th and I can't wait.

You'll be able to buy Pee-wee's Playhouse on Blu-ray next year.

Orphan Black is getting some great publicity off it's Emmy snub. Don't worry guys, I think Tatiana Maslany will have her time.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus broke Lucille Ball's Emmy nomination record.

Did Big Bang Theory and Homeland deserve their Emmy nominations this year?

Late Night writer, Arthur Meyer, read Bob Saget a fan letter that he wrote in 1992.

And for fun, here are 25 great sitcoms that you can watch on Youtube. Right now. The Dick Van Dyke Show is on the list. What are you waiting for? Go.

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