I have had what feels like a very long morning, and I just now sat down with my first cup of coffee so I'm looking for things to pick up soon. Today we're going to wrap up all the Comic-Con news that happened over the weekend and then maybe these headlines will stop being so long. I promise I'm not trying to monopolize your entire lunch hour.

The biggest and most exciting news to come out of the Con was the Batman/Superman movie that will be coming to us in 2015. Henry Cavill will once again play Superman and a new Batman has yet to be determined.

The Avengers sequel will be called Avengers: Age of Ultron.

If you somehow haven't seen this yet, check out the trailer and behind-the-scenes clips from the Veronica Mars movie.

Speaking of Veronica Mars, I would flip out with excitement if the series returned on Netflix.

Watch out: Netflix is cropping movies and some are worse than you might imagine.

Family Guy announced its guest stars for next season, including Peter Dinklage and Conan.

I know a lot of you are going to be excited about The Walking Dead season four trailer.

Chris Hardwick will host Talking Bad, which makes perfect sense but I have no idea how that guy functions with so many projects.

I loved this video of Matt Smith walking the floor as Bart Simpson.

The How I Met Your Mother panel made me a little more optimistic about next season. While the season is taking place over the course of the wedding weekend, we'll see flashbacks and flashforwards, meaning we won't be waiting all season to see Josh Radnor and Cristin Milioti interact.

There's a new trailer for The Awesomes, which is a show I can't wait for.

Dan Harmon is working hard to ensure Community gets a sixth season.

Watch the new trailer for Catching Fire.

And while you're watching trailers, here's the one for Kick-Ass 2 (NSFW).

Check out the trailer for The Last Ship, which will begin to air on TNT next year.

Here's an interview with the True Blood castmember that died in last nights episode.

Felicia Day is coming back to Supernatural.

The CW is looking to do a Supernatural spin-off.

Before Futurama goes off the air, we'll get to see it do a crossover episode with Matt Groening's other animated show, The Simpsons.

The third episode of Glee next season will be a memorial to Cory Monteith and deal with the actors death. Afterward, the show will be going on hiatus.

Download 14 free songs to celebrate Sub Pop's 25th anniversary.

I can agree that we're living in the golden age of awesome female characters only because Veronica Mars is coming back. And also Tatiana Maslany.

Check out how Orphan Black pulls off the clone scenes. Plus: the show will return in April.

Listen to an acoustic single from The Backstreet Boys.

Amy Acker was promoted to series regular on Person of Interest.

I geeked out hard over this look at David Foster Wallace's personal library.

The repeat airing of Sharknado had more viewers than the first time around.

Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe will do another A Young Doctor's Notebook mini-series.

In news I'll be keeping an eye on all day, the royal baby watch is officially on as Kate went into labor.

And for fun, watch Jesse & the Rippers perform on Jimmy Fallon:

Now you have enough pop culture news to help wake you up from an exhausting weekend at Comic-Con.