I'm so excited for the fourth of July weekend and I can't wait for this last work-day to end, but before that can happen I've got a few headlines for you.

Kristen Bell is at it again: now she's asking you to donate money for a good cause (Invisible Children). You can win things like a sloth t-shirt or a date with the Veronica Mars actress.

Lou Reed reviewed Yeezus.

Alec Baldwin has quit Twitter for good.

Here's a handy list of this weekend's TV marathons.

Bill Hader has taken over Robert Downey Jr.'s job of being the voice of Mr. Peanut.

I love The Sound and the Fury and would be interested in a film adaption directed by James Franco.

270 remastered Michael Jackson songs just landed on iTunes.

Some of you might not know that Naked and Afraid is a show that actually exists, and it's the craziest show on television.

Is the good cop/bad cop trope something that actually exists?

I can't wait for the Tig Notaro documentary on Showtime.

Bill Cosby is hosting a "Cosby Show" sweater tournament, which sounds amazing.

TNT has renewed Falling Skies.

It looks like Steven Spielberg might produce a new Grapes of Wrath movie.

Like Kanye, Jay-Z is getting spiritual with his new album.

Watch the trailer for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. I thought the first movie was a lot of fun.

Some of Fox's new Animation Domination shows will premiere in primetime, including Axe Cop.

And for fun, watch this awesome Super Mario marriage proposal:

For even more fun, here's Laser Frasier.

Now you have enough pop culture news to entertain your friends while you wait in line for fireworks.