Let me make your Monday a bit more exciting with some of todays headlines.

It looks like Robert De Niro and Shia Lebeouf will play father and son in an upcoming D.J. Caruso film, Spy's Kid.

In other casting news, James Franco and Kate Hudson will star together in Good People, which begins production soon.

Anna Kendrick will star opposite Ryan Reynolds in Voices.

One of my favorite animated shows, Futurama, has been cancelled once again. The upcoming seventh season will be its last on Comedy Central.

An A Capella reality competition show is in the works. I thought we already had one of those (cough The Sing-Off cough) but I guess we need another one tied to Pitch Perfect?

Mario Lopez will return as the host of X Factor, this time on his own. Khloe Kardashian won't return to weirdly flirt with Simon Cowell or stare blankly at you through your television.

Could there be a Dexter spin-off and do we need a Dexter spin-off? Let's just let this one try to go out on a high note after over-staying its welcome.

Nikki and Sara Live as been renewed for a second season. Thank you MTV!

Universal will remake Weird Science, and it will be rated R.

Fans of Apartment 23 will get to view the remaining eight unaired episodes of the ABC comedy online. On May 17th the episodes will be available on the networks website, Hulu, and iTunes.

Now you have enough pop culture news to entertain even the strangerest of strangers at the grocery store.

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