The following article contains spoilers for The Missing series two.

BBC's spin-off to The Missing is shaping up nicely and has just added acclaimed actor Tom Hollander (Rev, The Night Manager) to the cast. Baptiste will see Tchéky Karyo return as brilliant detective Julien Baptiste in a new series from The Missing creators/writers Harry Williams & Jack Williams.

Things weren't looking good for Julien Baptiste when we last saw him as he was about to undergo life-saving brain surgery. Unless the spin-off is planning to be an elaborate dream, I think it's fair to assume that the operation was a success and Baptiste is back on fighting form. While it remains unclear who Hollander will be playing, some intriguing plot details have been revealed via Variety;

“When Julien and his wife are on a visit to Amsterdam, the chief of police – who also happens to be an old girlfriend – seeks out his help due to his renowned and methodical crime-solving skills. Baptiste is rapidly embroiled in a case that looks beyond the beautiful streets, canals and houses of Amsterdam to the seamy underworld beneath.”

Launching back in 2014, The Missing starred James Nesbit and Frances O'Connor as a married couple under strain after their young son is abducted while on a family holiday in France. Told across two timelines, The Missing was a riveting series that pulled no punches and captivated viewers with more than eight million of us tuning in for the finale. Two years later the series returned with a fresh case (and cast) for Tchéky Karyo's Baptiste to solve.

I was a big fan of both seasons of The Missing and would have been more than happy to watch more. However, shifting the focus to Baptiste (I say that, but he's essentially the star of The Missing) is an excellent move as Karyo's soulful and intelligent performance was the highlight of the well-crafted mystery thriller.

There are no details on when Baptiste will be broadcast, production will start in August, so early 2019 seems like a safe bet.