Tommy Wiseau, the madman behind the infamous movie The Room, has produced another creative project for his followers. It’s a TV show called The Neighbors, and it appears to be in the same vein as his film: awkward, low-budget, and riotously funny.

The Neighbors features a group of people living in the same apartment complex. The tenants are a diverse group who share their many problems with Charlie, the building manager – played by Tommy Wiseau – and Bebe, his secretary and girlfriend. When Princess Penelope, one of the many tenants, sees the ghost of her uncle, Prince Charles, she starts a commotion with her neighbors.

Wiseau’s website for The Neighbors says that the sitcom will be “coming soon” in September 2014. The website doesn’t have a specific date, and the only indication of where it will be shown is the Comedy TV icon in the corner of the animated GIF on the website. There are many social media accounts for the sitcom, but they are all fairly bare. However, you can find videos of Wiseau wearing terrible wigs as he promotes his new sitcom.

Wiseau became known when his film, The Room, gathered a cult-like following after its initial release in 2003. The Room is known for its awkward dialogue, flat characters and disappearing plot lines. Despite being known as one of the worst films ever made, it has played at numerous theaters to sold-out audiences, shown on television channels, and purchased on DVD by many fans.

The Neighbors was originally created in 2004 by Wiseau after he was put in the spotlight for his aforementioned movie. Supposedly, he filmed the pilot of the show at this time, though the only evidence is the trailer for the show – something reminiscent of a film student’s first attempts at film editing. While the cast list isn’t up on the official website, IMDB does have a list of actors appearing in the first episode.

What can we expect from this show? If you’re looking for something with a cohesive plot, take your attention somewhere else. Between the synopsis and the trailer, the plot seems non-existent. However, there’s no shortage of characters. At one point it looks like there are at least a dozen people crammed into the small set that appears to be the office for Wiseau’s character. The nonsensical dialogue and unusual actions – for example, a man pruning an office plant with hedge clippers – are just the icing on the cake.

While The Room was Wiseau’s attempt at a serious drama – though later retconned as a black comedy after seeing the responses he got from viewers – The Neighbors is meant to be a comedy. Many of Wiseau’s fans are anticipating the release of The Neighbors, but I have to wonder: if The Room is Wiseau’s attempt to be serious, what will happen when he attempts to be funny?

Will the sitcom be on the same level as The Room, or should it have been left covered like patio furniture in the winter? The very little bit of information available doesn’t shed much light in terms of plot or characters. September is a mere two months away, though, so hopefully we’ll find out more from Wiseau at some point in the next few weeks. That, or we’ll find out if this is a giant, elaborate joke.

Even though the quality looks worse than a B-film and Wiseau’s acting leaves most people scratching their heads in confusion, if nothing else The Neighbors will entertain the fans who have watched The Room so many times they have it memorized.