Settling down to watch a good anime is something that should be cherished. Settling down to watch a good horror anime should be the pinnacle  of life. Ok , that may sound a little like overkill but horror anime are and continue to be a favourite genre . Horror animes can take many forms and while the presence of vampires and demons is also felt there are so many alternative worlds and creepy happenings. So, with that in mind, I thought I would bring you my TOP 5  favourite horror anime. Most of these are available on or ( the latter being my go to one).

1. Ghost Story ( Gakkou no Kaiden)

 When Satsuki Miyanoshita and a few friends break into an abandoned shool house the ghosts that they meet are terrifying. Not only must Satsuki deal with the scary news but she learns a thing about her dead mother along the way . Left with a book of spells and exorcism rights it is her that must rid the town of the ghosts.


2. Yami Shibai

This one is a little different from most animes. Not only is the style very 2D and soft but the way the stories work is different. Each episode tells a scary Japanese urban legend. This really is a great set of individual stories. You can happily watch one and come back to the anime whenever you need a dose of creepiness.


3. Another

This was my 1st anime horror . Not only are the deaths pretty bloody and ingenious but the overall story has so many twists and turns that it is impossible to predict . The basic story revolves around a class that had a student die back in 1972. However, every year since then there have been strange deaths and the class 3-3 has been haunted. Kouichi is the main character who is a transfer student to the school. This really is one of those super terrifying ones and I have left so many gaps in the plot in hope that you go and watch it .


4.  When They Cry ( Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni) 

Similar to Another this anime is set in a school. The people seem nice enough and the protagonist ,Keiichi Maebara, is living a carefree life. This all starts to change after a certain group of friends turn out to be not what was expected. One thing you can expect with this anime is a lot of gore and mystery.



5.  Monster

As we all know too well sometimes the scariest things are not those that hide under the bed but are those in the bed. Monster is about choices that we make and the consequences.Kenzou Tenma is a surgeon who must choose between saving the life of the mayor or that of a child. Can he live with the consequences of his choice?

I hope that I have left you with some great horror anime to go check out. Most of these are of a supernatural quality but they provide the necessary chills to get the job done