Anime may be strange to start with , but there are some 'stranger ' than others. Now, this may be a very personal list but I can say there is a little anime community that agrees with me on some of the anime you are about to meet . " Weirdness" may be hard to judge , but I think these anime do a pretty good job of showing you what is born from the imagination of their creators.


5. Deadman Wonderland

At first, these seem like it may be really cool. The anime follows a group of convicts who are all about to be executed. They live out their final days at a prison aptly titled Deadman Wonderland. Sounds a little like those Discovery documentaries about prisons. But wait ! insert weirdness here. All the inmates can control their blood and make weapons from it .


4. Akikan

Vending machines are pretty cool . You press a button and you get whatever wonder if behind the glass. What if your soda turned into a girl, though ?? Well in Akikan they do . The soda can girls have battles amongst themselves and just well are living breathing bubbly drinks.


3.  Hetalia : Axis Power

I have not watched this one yet but it kinda looks like it skirts the boundary between 'strange' and 'Ohh Ohh I need to watch that ". There is no real plot and each character is basically personifying a country. You are basically watching history repeat itself but with stereotypical Japanese characters as countries. The three main are Japan , Germany and Italy. So if you are a little history buff then this may be the one for you.


2. Qwaser of Stigmata

Everyone loves a good action anime and from the get go this looks exactly like that . There is epic action and the characters all have great powers. But Sofia how do they get these powers ? They drink breast milk  Ohh curious reader. Yep, in order to gain their powers these heroes need to drink breast milk .It is like their power tonic I guess, eww.


1. Mawaru Penguindrum

So you may have to reread what I am about to type but bear with me. This anime is about a terminally ill girl who is held hostage by a penguin hat. Yep , not even a penguin just a hat that kinda resembles a penguin. Her brothers go on a quest to find the owner of the penguin hat. They need to work with actual penguins in order to strike up a deal for their sister's life.


So there you have it , 5 anime that are wonderfully weird but no less so much fun to watch . I hope that you pick one of these and enjoy all the strange moments that are on offer.