Prepare to be terrified! To celebrate the release of the brand new gruesome-but-brilliant thriller Utopia on DVD and Blu-ray, we’ve taken a look at the five all-time top movie and TV torture scenes, after being inspired by by Wilson’s (Adeel Akhtar) captivating performance in episode 1, a character who finds himself at the sharp end of Utopia’s visceral violence.

Here is our Torture Top Five…

Reservoir Dogs

Topping the torture charts is the film that made Quentin Tarentino a tour de force in Hollywood for good reason. This modern, graphic classic features bursts of violence throughout. Who can forget the famous ear torture scene where Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen) announces he is to torture the poor captive cop for the sheer sadistic pleasure of it, by cutting off his ear with a straight blazor? The scene famously opens, surreally, with the apposite trace, ‘‘Stuck In The Middle With You’’ playing in the background.

Clockwork Orange

Deservedly in the top two, Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange is a disturbing and thought provoking masterpiece which dissects the nature of violence, piece by piece. Featuring violent scenes throughout, arguably the most torturous scene is the ‘rehabilitation’ scene which sees Alex (Malcolm McDowell) forced to watch hours of rape and violence with his eyes clamped open by menacing dentistry-style instruments. Definitely not one for the feint hearted!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

They say that revenge is a dish best serve cold and here, one of the most graphic and intense rape scenes in movie-making history is avenged. Violence against women is portrayed at its most ugly, and society is portrayed as both morally and financially corrupt, in the most gripping and chilling way, by the victim.  Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace), having endured every kind of abuse in her young life, shines as an example of female empowerment, by playing the role of tough guy detective.


Torture scenes are on the rise in TV, with 24, Homeland and Lost all featuring pre-meditated violence.  The groundbreaking Lost, Season 1, grabs the top TV torture slot by setting a menacing tone post water-shed, with Sayid played by Naveen Andrews torturing Sawyer (Josh Holloway) in an excruciating manner to extract information in a to extract information. A Paradise Island this is not…

Zero Dark Thirty

Finally a brand new film on the scene, fresh from her Oscar success with The Hurt Locker, acclaimed director Kathryn Bigelow teamed up again with the film’s screenplay writer Mark Boal to make Zero Dark Thirty which tracks the decade-long hunt for American’s most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden. Featuring torture throughout, including the disturbingly accurate torture scene with Bin Laden’s nephew, Ammar (Reda Kateb), this footage in particular has caused controversy with several critics accusing the film of endorsing torture. Nevertheless, definitely worth a watch!

Add another terrifying and brilliant masterpiece to your collection with the release of Utopia, out to own on DVD & Blu-Ray from 11th March 2013.