The reviews may have ranged from modest to awful, but critical approval (or lack thereof) hasn't prevented audiences flocking to see Venom. Taking an estimated $80 million domestically, and $125 million internationally, the Tom Hardy fronted movie has generated more than $200 million on its opening weekend.

As Dog Ate My Wookie(E) put it in his review,  "It's not great, it's certainly not as terrible as they're all saying; it just suffers from 90's comic book-itis". Watching Venom is like opening a time capsule, everything about the contents feels outdated, but there is still plenty of enjoyment to have if you're willing to go along with it. I won't upsell it; Venom has a lot of problems, the usually dependable Hardy seems confused, the CGI is patchy, and Michelle Williams is painfully unutilized. The biggest problem is the PG-13 rated violence; Venom would have benefited from the same harder-edge as Logan with added humor.

Venom has its moments and its an improvement on the Topher Grace version from Sam Raimi's overstuffed Spider-Man 3. Will it be enough to launch a franchise? It's off to a strong start, but we'll have to wait and see if it has the legs or if Venom will disappear like a turd in the wind.

Elsewhere in the US top ten. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga sang up a storm with A Star Is Born rocking more than $41 million from moviegoers. Already a hot contender for the Oscars, A Star Is Born is going to be sticking around the top ten for many weeks to come. After five weeks haunting audiences, The Nun has become the highest grossing entry in The Conjuring Universe. Besting The Conjuring 2 ($320 million), The Nun has amassed more than $346 million worldwide so far.

Finally, acclaimed drama The Hate U Give managed an impressive eleventh place with $500,000 from just thirty-six locations. Based on the book by Angie Thomas, the film's screenwriter (Audrey Wells) tragically passed away just days before the movie's release. Starring Regina Hall and Anthony Mackie, The Hate U Give is released in the UK on October 22.