The next adventure for Blizzard’s digital collectible card game Hearthstone has been revealed to be Blackrock Mountain, a high-end region replete with blazing fire elementals, Dark Iron dwarves, Blackrock orcs, and ferocious dragons.

Blackrock Mountain is home to a wealth of creatures with a burning desire to meet you: From the elementals of the Molten Core that find 1300°F “comfortable” to the dragons that lie in wait within Blackrock Spire, Hearthstone’s second adventure mode pits players against single-player bosses and their unique abilities that are guaranteed to put you in the hot seat.  Each boss within Blackrock Mountain has unique cards at their disposal, and they’re guaranteed to challenge any adventurer ready to brave the challenges within. A total of five unique wings make up the massive expanse of Blackrock Mountain, and each wing is a unique experience to one of the five iconic zones found within it.

Blackrock Mountain comprises a total of five wings, each of which are based on the Blackrock Mountain region of World of Warcraft and can be individually bought using either in-game gold or real-world money; the former will cost you 700 gold, and the latter is set at $6.99 for players in the US, with discounts available if you pay for wings in a bundle. Each wing will be released one week at a time, and pre-purchasing wings in advance through the bundle does not mean you’ll instantly get access to it, however; you’ll have to wait week-to-week like everyone else.

A total of 31 brand new cards will be released as part of the Blackrock Mountain expansion; 17 can be earned by defeating individual bosses, 5 through completing each of Blackrock Mountain’s 5 wings, and there are 9 to collect as rewards from completing Class Challenges. Also available is a brand new game board specific to the Blackrock Mountain area for players to battle on, and will also be included in both Play and Arena modes, too.

Each of Blackrock Mountain’s wings will also include a Heroic Mode version, available as soon as the player takes on and defeats that wing’s bosses; Heroic Mode provides an additional challenge where bosses are much tougher to beat.

Pre-orders will be available from March 19th, and those that do purchase all 5 wings early will also receive a special limited-edition card-back, which is only available to those who have pre-ordered the game.

Blackrock Mountain will be available simultaneously for PC, Mac, iPad and Android Tablets from April 2015.