When it was revealed that the third movie in the Annabelle series would be set after the events of the first Conjuring, fans speculated if Vera Farmiga & Patrick Wilson would be making an appearance. According to Deadline, both stars will reprise their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren "in a supporting capacity" for the as yet untitled sequel.

The story will start with the titular possessed doll being locked away in the Warrens Artifacts Room we glimpsed in the first Conjuring. I think it's safe to assume that Annabelle finds a way to break free and wreak fresh havoc on an unsuspecting family. Presumably, The Warrens will eventually show up to aid the afflicted family or individuals that Annabelle has targeted.

Aside from the use of archive footage, this will be the first time that the leads of The Conjuring Universe have featured in one of the spin-offs. As she was already locked up when we first saw her, we'll finally get to see The Warrens do battle with Annabelle. Without wanting to spoil anything, we already know that The Conjuring 3 is landing in cinemas September 11, 2020, so their encounter with Annabelle won't be fatal.

The Conjuring Universe has gone from strength to strength with the recently released The Nun becoming the highest grossing in the franchise. Starring Taissa Farmiga (Vera's younger sister), The Nun has frightened more than $360 million from audiences worldwide. A sequel is currently in development along with a spin-off for The Crooked Man who was last seen in The Conjuring 2. Also starring Mckenna Grace (Independence Day Resurgence), and Madison Iseman (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle), Annabelle 3 will be haunting cinemas on July 3, 2019.