There are plenty of places/worlds in video games that we wished we could live in. Video games have some of the most beautifully constructed scenery, even before the advanced graphics we have today. Out of all the option available out there, I want to take a moment and talk about Grunty’s Liar.

Grunty, for those of you who don’t know, is the villain in Banjo Kazooie. She kidnaps Banjo’s sister so that she can suck the beauty out of her. Banjo and Kazooie make their way into Grunty’s lair to try and get her back.

Outside, Grunty’s house just looks like her head. Though this is an interesting element she has to her home, this isn’t the interesting bit. Entering her house is like entering Narnia, except there are multiple world instead of just one. Grunty’s lair is in a mountain, and inside her liar there is another mountain.

She has a beach alongside the sea in her own house. We don’t know how far this sea goes, but it is big enough that it needs a lighthouse and a Hippo pirate is able to crash their ship on the shore.

If you wanted to go sledding instead of swimming, he also has a world in her house that is always snowing, has it’s own sledding slope, and has a polar bear that always wants to race you. Not to mention a giant snowman.

One of the greatest things she has inside her house is the forest that is simultaneously every season.  You couldn’t complain about the weather because you could choose which season you wanted to enter.