Comic Con in San Diego is the biggest film events of the year; geeky, wonderful and a magical place to be which makes it a great place for Disney to share their upcoming movies for the rest of the year and of course the special and amazing titles coming in 2013 such as Oz The Great and Powerful and Iron Man 3.

Iron Man 3 was a huge draw at this years Comic Con with full suits of Armour on display, signings and of course panels galore and the surprise appearance of IRON MAN HIMSELF, Robert Downey Jnr. My Geeky blood boiled and one day I will go to San Diego Comic Con... one day!! In the distant... DISTANT future... 

Of course Iron Man might have been a huge draw but Disney have other titles on their plate like OZ: The Great and Powerful, Wreck-It Ralph and of course Frankenweenie from Tim Burton.

Comic Con has been amazing this year and Walt Disney want to share their highlights with you through boxofficeBUZ and other outlets so they've released this wonderful video featuring fans, talent and projects that they're excited about and projects we just can't wait to see!

Although no Idina Menzel or Kristen Bell to promote next years Frozen but then again it's a little too early and with what Disney had on show... Idina Menzel and the lovely Kristen Bell would have just overshadowed it all with their awesomeness.

ENJOY the video and pictures below... I did. Check out the new Iron Man suit which obviously won't be the main suit in the film but it certainly did cause a stir when it was put pride of place in the Iron Man Display!

Walt Disney you have an amazing year ahead and I for one wish you all the very best from boxofficeBUZ.