Based on the classic TV series The Six Million Dollar Man, Warner Bros has set a May 31, 2019, release date for their big screen reboot. In these expensive modern times, six million dollars doesn't go as far as it used to, heck, some Hollywood stars have spent more than $6 million on cosmetic surgery. As such, the movie version is upping the ante, and the reboot will be titled The Six Billion Dollar Man.

The rights to The Six Million Dollar Man were held by The Weinstein Company's offshoot Dimension Films for more than a decade. However, following the Harvey Weinstein allegations late last year, The Weinstein Company were forced to sell off dozens of in development projects. One of those projects was The Six Billion Dollar Man and Warner Bros snapped up the rights to what they're hoping is a potential franchise. Mark Wahlberg has been attached to play Steve Austin for the last three years, and the original plan would have seen the movie released back in 2016, but Wahlberg's busy schedule and a variety of script rewrites has delayed the reboot multiple times.

The original 70s series starred Lee Majors as top test pilot Steve Austin who survives a near-fatal crash and is rebuilt using cybernetic parts. Bestowed with super strength and the ability to run in slow motion, Steve Austin puts his new skills to good use as an agent of the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence).
Running for 99 episodes, two trilogies of TV movies and spawning the hit spin-off The Bionic Woman, The Six Million Dollar Man was one of the biggest TV shows of its time.

There are currently no details on a director or when filming will commence, but production will need to get moving quickly if Warner Bros wants to meet that May 2019 release date.