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This week’s Geek BUZ is all about gaming in some form or another. That is, gaming in movies, game reviews, game movie reviews, and gaming rumours. But first, our weekly Big BUZ.

The Big BUZ: The US Presidential Election

Obama won. End of story.

Okay, maybe it isn’t that simple for the people in America, but for the rest of the world that let out a huge sigh of relief (don’t deny it), we stopped caring after it was announced that Obama had won his re-election.

And I get that America had all those state and local elections and referenda to vote in as well, meaning it was no simple process for them, but what really bothers me is stories like this, where racist comments, directed towards Obama, are flooding the internet, despite the fact that their man, Romney, called his supporters to work with Obama as a nation undivided. I don’t want to make this too ranty, so I’ll leave this to you. What are your thoughts on the election and its aftermath? Did you like the fact that Obama won, or are you a Romney supporter? And what was your own personal reaction?

Final Fantasy 13-3

So in gaming news, we have it from Takuchat that Square Enix’s upcoming game, Final Fantasy XIII-3 is going to incorporate assets from Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I’m not exactly sure what this means, since the site seems to be dead, and comments on the N4G post seem to suggest that the idea is absolute BS, but there’s also a suggestion that it only means assets in the bare creative sense, the same way that Smash Bros. for any generation borrows assets from the other game franchises of its generation.

Halo 5 and XBox 720

Okay, so this was probably obvious, and not really news, but it’s been confirmed that Halo 5 is slated for the 720, the next gen Microsoft console, and it’s currently being developed by 343 industries. The news was announced in the Seattle Times on Wednesday.

Wreck it Ralph Wrecks the Box Office

Last week, Disney released Wreck-It Ralph in theatres, and according to Reuters, the movie broke Disney animation’s opening weekend records, with $49.1 Million in gross, despite Hurricane Sandy. This sails over Tangled, which opened with $48.8 Million on opening weekend.

This Week In BUZ

To finish off this article about gaming related things, we have this week’s Movie Feuds, talking about their top 10 movies and celebrating 50 episodes, and BUZ Banter, reviewing the video game, Journey.