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This week’s Geek BUZ is a melting pot of movies, video games and medical science. Don’t worry, none of these stories are directly connected. But anyways, it’s time to strap in, and hold on tight. We’re starting off with the Big BUZ.

The Big BUZ: Black Friday

Okay, so, this week’s big BUZ comes to us from the good ol’ land of the free. Courtesy of multiple youtube channels, we have the following videos that were taken today and have already hit the internet.

Okay, so maybe this was taken yesterday, but none of the people in this footage have actually left the Walmart yet.

This one was titled with the parenthetical "MUST SEE,” and is of a woman getting arrested.

There’s also the one where people are fighting like animals over a cell phone deal. It’s ironic that yesterday was thanksgiving in America.

Anyways, the Big BUZ Question of the week is, are you going/did you go shopping during the black Friday – cyber Monday rush, or were you like me, shopping on Amazon, without the hassle and aggression?

New Studio Ghibli Films

Next up on the BUZ this week, we have some news out of Studio Ghibli, the studio behind My Neighbour Totoro, and Howl’s Moving Castle. Of course, with names like Miyazaki and Takahata, it’s not surprising that they have as big of a fan base as they do. And with that fan base comes a demand for new movies. Well, it was announced over at the Ghiblicon blogspot that the Studio has acquired the domain names for two new movies, with the titles Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) and Kaguya-Hime no Monogatari (The Princess Kaguya Story).

Kaze Tachinu is supposedly based on one of Miyazaki’s recent colour comics, and the Princess Kaguya story is an adaptation of the Japanese Bamboo Cutter fable. Both movies have not been officially announced and there is no word of any release dates yet, but we’re definitely looking forward to it.

Fujifilm Working on Replacement Needles

Are you anything like Goku, from Dragon Ball, with his fear of needles? If so, this story may be good news.

Recently, Fujifilm developed technology to replace the needle vaccinations, made up instead of hundreds of tiny micro-needles. Admittedly, there isn’t too much more to say about it. You can check it all out at Geek.com.

The WiiU: How It Compares

Okay, so the WiiU was released this week, and I thought I’d give a little insight into what it’s all about. So let’s take a look at the specs, courtesy of Imgmr

The console's AMD GPU has a die size of 12.2mm x 12.7mm (156.21mm2). It also has an IBM CPU MCM with a die size of 5.2mm x 6.3mm (32.7mm2) with an extra small die (1.79mm x 1.48mm) on MCM. The CPU was made based on IBM's 45nm SOI process and it has some on-die eDRAM. Plus, it is rumored that the Wii U's CPU is basically the Wii's Broadway core multiplied by three. This was assumed since the Wii U is backwards compatible with its predecessor, the Wii.

For RAM, the Wii U contains 2GB of Hynix DDR-1600 RAM on a 16-bit interface, a Samsung NAND flash chip for user storage and a Toshiba NAND chip for non-user storage. The peak bandwidth for the Wii U's wireless connectivity is 12.8GB/s. Furthermore, the Wii U is very efficient with power as it uses 31.2 watts during the menu and 33 watts when running games like New Super Mario Bros. U. The Web browser used is WebKit-based, the same as most smart devices today, made by NetFront, the people behind the PS3, Vita and 3DS Web browsers. Finally, the browser is excellent in supporting HTML5 and JavaScript.

For the Gamepad, it has terrible battery power which lasts about 3-4 hours before needing to recharge. Although that is the main downside, the Gamepad's controls and 6.2-inch touchscreen iare very responsive thanks to its high-speed 802.11n WiFi conenction. This gives the Gamepad the power to work perfectly fine in a maximum distance of 7.5m (25 feet) from the Wii U. The tablet controller has two WiFi antennae and controllers where one is used solely to ensure the function of the Gamepad itself and the other is for online connectivity.

Okay, so what are my thoughts on this? I think that it has its strengths and weaknesses. The web browser and wireless connectivity are pretty cool, and the improvements in the motherboard and the chips are all amazing, but I’m not sure how much of this is just a gimmick. No one initially thought it would be a system when they first advertised it – people just thought that it would be a game pad that you add on. The fact that they didn’t advertise it as a console all on its own is a completely different issue though. I’m not much of a gamer, so I probably won’t be picking it up, but then, I’m not the voice of a generation. Pick it up if you want to, but be sure to let me know what you think about it.

Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia Trailer

Okay, so a couple of weeks back, I talked about the book being published with the official timeline of the Zelda Universe. Well, now they’ve released a trailer for it. I didn’t realize books got trailers, but now it’s a thing. Anyways, check it out.

The top youtube comment on this videos respectively are “dear santa” and “JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY RUPEES!!”

It’s times like these that I love being a nerd.

This Week In BUZ

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