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This week’s Geek BUZ is  all about the really impressive stuff. With CES and all the news stories coming out this week, my job this time around involves filtering the news so that you guys won’t be overwhelmed with everything all at once. Anyways, here’s my top pick of stories for this week.

Tech Joy

This past week was the Consumer Electronics Show (otherwise known as CES), and a lot was on display for us this year. With little things like Leap Motion, and the big impressive things like UHD TVS, or Sharp’s 8K tvs, and anything from unbelievable to really really cool, CES is where every tech geek wants to be.

Since it’d be impossible to give you all the coverage, I’m only going to leave you with two videos, and let you check out the rest of the coverage for yourself.

Get in the Game

In gaming news this week, we have a few video game stories which really took off this week, starting with Cyberpunk 2077.

This trailer is looking really amazing, and sure it’s a cinematic trailer, but it’s looking really pretty and has me pretty hopeful. Now, not much has actually been said about the game, but that’s okay because it’s got a lot of time to impress the gaming community. After all, it is made by the same people behind Witcher 2 .

In other gaming news, CES marks the public showing off of what may be the Valve Steambox, and hands on demos of the nVidia Shield. You can check out both of those articles below.

 Valve Steambox [Link]
nVidia Shield [Link]

On the Tube

This week in movie news, we have three new images to show off, from Iron Man 3,  The Wolverine, and The Man of Steel. While we can hypothesize what this means for the plots of the movie, we can say that they are interesting images.

This first one is Iron Man cozying up to Pepper. Iron Man 3 opens on May 3rd.

Our next image comes from The Wolverine, and looks like Wolverine possibly training at a dojo, or something. Anyways, The Wolverine comes out July 26th.

This one is especially interesting. It’s an image of Superman being led in handcuffs. Man of Steel comes out June 14th.

This Week In BUZ

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