Hey BUZ Fans!

Hope you enjoyed last week's edition of Geek BUZ, as well as the Fan Expo Photo Gallery. This week, we're back with a big lineup of stories, which is surprisingly more than you'd expect on a typical news week. Anyways, let's get the ball rolling.
Final Fantasy II Original Cartridge
Do you remember the North American version of Final Fantasy II which turned out to be Final Fantasy VI? Well, it turns out that the only copy of the actual cartridge for a game which actually is Final Fantasy II appeared on ebay. Of course, it only costs a whopping $50,000 and is obviously an incredible thing if you can get your hands on it.
Whoever ends up winning this cartridge is going to be one heck of a lucky guy or gal!
Skyrim Hearthfire
If you're a Skyrim obessessed gamer, you will probably have heard of the new DLC coming out next week. If not, well here's what it's all about.
Hearthfire is basically a DLC that opens up new content, namely, new land, a new house, and family building content (which apparently involves adopting neighbours' kids, oddly enough). Interesting as it seems though, it gets better. According to some, the DLC is actually just $6, which is cheap, the way a DLC should be. Anyways, tell us what you think down below. Looking forward to Hearthfire?
Movie Trailers
Let's start off this week's trailers with The To Do List which features Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Rachel Bilson in what looks like it could be an amazing romantic comedy. They may not be A-list actors, but that usually means they could potentially do a great job. Anyways, here's the trailer.


Next up on our lineup is The Master. This movie features Amy Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman, which are two amazing names, and considering just how much respect I have for these two, I'm definitely planning on checking this one out.

Featured Artist: Danna Richards
This week's featured artist is a musical artist who, while not quite nerdy, is unique enough to stand out in my books. She writes her own music as well as doing covers, and last year, she wrote one song, every day for a year, which is pretty amazing. She does a lot of unique work with her music videos, but one example that comes to mind is her original "Who Needs Hands" which she literally performs without hands. Check it out below.

Avatar: The Promise Part 3 Sneak Peek
So if you were or are a fan of the animated Avatar series, then you probably already know of the existence of the comic books detailing what happens in the years following the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, and Zuko's ascension. The third and final installment, slated to be released at the end of next month, has been teased on BuzzFeed exclusively, and you can check out that preview by clicking here.
Other Nerdy News
So there's a lot of other stuff that happened this week, but I realize that I'm over 4000 characters now, and people may start getting annoyed, so I'll leave these links as surprise stories for you to check out.
Surprise Link 1
Surprise Link 2
Surprise Link 3
Surprise Link 4
Have a great weekend, BUZ fans!