Hey BUZ-fans! I'm back, and in this edition of Weekly Geek BUZ, we deal with a serious issue, a bit of a retro trip, and a handful of really cool trailers and updates in the world of gaming and movies. So if you're ready for this week's Geek BUZ, then strap in, hop on, and let's get this started!

The Marineland Animal Defense
If you live anywhere in the vicinity of the Canada/US border near Rainbow Bridge and Niagra Falls, or anywhere in southern Ontario in general, you may be familiar with the catch jingle that goes something like "everyone loves Marineland." Well, this past week, a video and article came out on numerous news outlets including the Toronto Star talking about the behind the scenes suffering of the animals at the Niagra Falls amusement park. This news story came to my attention through one of my friends who filled my feed with these articles, and when I checked it out, I was absolutely appalled by the the fact that this was happening, and all I have to say about it is that I am very disappointed. 
The reports document numerous issues from the starvation of the animals to poor water quality and the animals are in such bad shape that many have even died. This is an incredibly sad story, and it's gotten to the point where M.A.D. (Marineland Animal Defense) has spoken out against the theme park, and are going to be holding a protest on August 18th, 2012 at 2PM. The protest is expecting over 200 participants, and you can tell how important this is to people because even celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres have been tweeting their disapproval with the park. 
You can find out more about the situation by checking out the article, and visiting their facebook page
The Origin Story of Lego
Onto some lighter news, if you remember the guys at BUZBanter talking about LEGO growing up (check out the video here), you might recall that they basically spent a good 10 minutes talking about what they did with the toys growing up, while playing with it for you on camera. This past week, however, the LEGO group released a video on youtube which shares the story behind LEGO with the world. 

Starting with its humble beginnings as a one-man wooden toy shop, and from there growing into the toy line we know of today, it's amazing to see how it really progressed, and is definitely something that anyone who has fond memories of LEGOs will want to check out. 
Star Wars 1313
In gaming news, more details about Star Wars 1313 was released this week. What we now know is that THIS GAME LOOKS FREAKING AMAZING. The game follows a (still unnamed) bounty hunter who is down in level 1313 of Coruscant; the layer of the planet with the most notorious criminals, and your job as the player is basically to track them down. 
As a third person action platformer, this is set to play very differently from other games from LucasArts, and of course, it is being set for PC only. In any case, the game looks gorgeous stylistically, and what I'm hoping for is a successful story and great gameplay. I hope I'm not getting my hopes up too high.
Movie Trailers
This week, I want to feature two trailers from www.boxofficebuz.com. The first is for a movie called Seven Psychopaths.

I'm definitely looking forward to this movie because of the complex story built around the key plot of a gangster who loses his shih tzu. Judging by the trailer, I would say the complexity comes from the characters, but of course it may be too early to tell, so we'll see when this comes out.
The next trailer I want to feature is Great Expectations

Of course, the reason I mention this isn't at all because I'm a literary nerd, but instead because I think this movie has really great potential. You might even say I expect a lot from it. The cast's perhaps most recognizable name is Helena Bonham-Carter, but the trailer looks fantastic regardless, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing more.
Nerdy Things of the Week
If all that wasn't enough, I have a few more things that you can check out, that I've been a bit obsessed with myself. First off is this art gallery done by Denis Medri. It's a gallery of what Star Wars characters would look like if they lived in the 1980s and were all at the same high school. Personally, I think Darth Vader looks pretty badass.
Second, I wanted to share a youtube musician who actually specializes in hip-hop violin, but does quite a lot nerdy covers/medleys on her channel. Her name is Lindsey Stirling, and she is a 25 year old hip-hop violinist from Utah. A lot of the stuff she does is very good, but I especially like her Lord of the Rings Medley.

Anyways, that's it for this week. Feel free to explore, check out last week's Geek BUZ, or check out the latest Geek News we have